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Annual Fund Raising Activity

Students from schools have raised funds to support our cause. We are grateful to the parents, staff and students of the following schools - We believe that the world is interconnected and it is our social responsibility to help one another, particularly those who are at the bottom of the ladder. This requires innovation, creativity and an open space for people to learn and share. Our vision is to help reduce poverty and improve the quality of life in rural India one family at a time.


The first fund raising event was held on 16th March 2019 when Mr and Mrs Dhruv Jain invited the Saanidhaanam team at their 25th Wedding Anniversary at the Juhu Club. The couple pledged all their cash gifts received in aid of Saanidhaanam and spoke about the venture to all the guests. Team Saanidhaanam is grateful to Mr and Mrs Jain for their kind and emotional gesture.

Crowd Funding

Crowd Funding on was launched and Rs 68000/- has been raised till date through this online site.

Pre Launch Meet

Pre Launch Meet was organized on 15th June 2019 at Hotel Siddharth, SV Road, Bandra West, Mumbai for all persons with disabilities and their parents. The invitation for this pre launch was circulated to all stakeholders through Social Media and it received good response from the community.

Fifty people were present at the pre Launch meet, which included persons with disabilities, parents of persons with disabilities and professionals working in the field of disability. Among those present were Ms Priya Dutt Roncon, former MP , Ms Ketna Mehta, founder Trustee NINA Foundation, Mrs Meenakshi Balasubraminum Founder Trustee MDA Foundation, Ms Ritika Shahani, Founter Trustee Trinayani, Dr Anoo Bhopti Occupational Therapist, Lartrobe University, Australia and Activist Neenu Kewlani and Sunita Sancheti

Mrs Priya Dutt Roncon inaugurated the session by lighting the lamp and unveiling the 3D model of the Home. She gave the inaugural message, appreciating and congratulating the team for their efforts and setting up this much required service.


10.30 am to 10.45 amRegistration and breakfast--
10.45 am to 10.50 amLighting of the lampDignitaries
10.50 am to 10.55 amWelcome noteSangeeta Jagtiani Vaswani
10.55am to 11.05 amUniversal Perceptions on Disability issuesDr Anoo Bhopti, Lecturer Occupational Therapy, Latrobe University, Australia
11.05 am to 11.15 amNeed of the hourMs Ketna Mehta, Founder Nina Foundation
11.15 am to 11.35 amBirth of SaanidhaanamShobha Sachdev & Sangeeta Jagtiani Vaswani
11.35 am to 11.55 amIntroduction to the TAC committeeSumeet Kataria
11.55 am to 12. 20 pmProgress and FacilitiesShobha Sachdev and Sumeet Kataria
12.20 noon am to 12.30 pmSustainabilitySumeet Kataria
12.30 pm to 1.00 pmOpen forumDignitaries
1.00 pm to 1.10 pmSession wrap upRitika Sahni, Founder Trinayani foundation
1.10 pm to 1.15pmVote of ThanksAarya Kataria

Sannidhaanam Activity Schedule from November 2022 to October 2023

Nov 2022

1st Batch of National college interns began social media marketing

Nov 2022

Networking with Palghar NGOs began – Girls hostel, Maswan, Dhavle Hospital for medical support for Saanidhaanam

Jan 24th & 25th

Pranpratistha of the Temple

Jan 26th

Inauguration by Shri Uttam Pimple..Number of guests 400 plus..Temple Murti friends,well wishers,villagers etc

27th Feb

Mahashivratri..Shobha and family did pooja.

28th Feb

MCA Kandivali west members(Donors) visited and had Lunch with us.

29th March

Mr Rajesh Patil :Visited and we explored Shirgoan Beach

March 30th

Visit by Vidya Moorjani (Donor) and Rajni from Rotary Club of Bayview

March 30 & 31st

Jyotirmay Camp. Ameena Latif..11 PWD and 9 staff. All activities done…First Hydrotherapy exercise done.

May 2023

May1st -May 5th

Saanidhaanam was operational Mon to Friday… Transport provided by Saanidhaanam

Trial stay week..Amit Behl,Sonalli Dutta,Nirav Shah n Deepa Sachdev accompanied by one Family member.

Visit by Proffessional Dr Sapna and Dr Shabnam Dr Ashutosh and Mr Bharat.

Visit by Local leader Sachin Pimple to help network with local authorities.

Visit to Shirgoan beach with residents.

4 Meals provided per day for all residents

May 8th to May 12th

Nirav, Sonali and Deepa without Family member.. Amit discontinued after the trial stay and will re join at a later date.

Visit to local market..

Transport provided to residents

Therapy Music Yoga and Vocational activities conducted.

Nurse conducted medical support.

May 15th to May 19th

Nirav,Sonali and Deepa..all activities continued thru the week

Govt Dr and HOD visited

16th May to 19th May

MBA camp.

1st day..11PWD and 3staff arrived with Mrs Meenakshi Balasubramaniam, Mr and Mrs Balasubramanium and Jayshree

All activities including hydro activities carried out for the camp participants with a visit to Kelva Beach. Special Menu designed to meet the requirements of the Camp Participants.

20th May to 26th May

Summer break

27th May to 28th May

Visit by Professionals Deepshika Mathur (Parkinsons group), Leena Damodar freelance Sp educator cum fund raiser, Iteshree Date HOD sp edu ADAPT)

29th May to 2nd June

Saanidhaanam reopened 24/7 365 days with Nirav, Deepa, Sonali

And Trial stay for Rohit with his sister

Swimming in the big pool

June 2023

4th June onwards

Randhir joined Saanidhaanam with a 14 day trial stay with his father. Randhir continues

All activities continued

6th/7th June – visit by PWD Zenia and Delu with parents

6th June – Hydro activity experience for all participants

9th June – Celebrated Environmental day Supported by SJK foundation

10th Visit to Shirgaon beach

13th June – Hydro therapy session in the hydro pool

16th Drive to the dam

16th June- Orientation of Maswan school staff – Disability sensitizing prog

17th June Farming session included

19th June – Satya Narayan Pooja

21st June – Yoga session on the International Day of Yoga

27th June to 30th June – Deepa’s journey of staying independently without her parents commenced.

Non gas cooking activities were included- conducted by Chef Esha Kejriwal from Surryaansh

Networked with National college Principal for interns for Social media marketing and Website maintainance. MOU for the same to be signed as per the college requirement

1st July

1st - Non gas cooking activities continued

National college Principal for interns for Social media marketing and Website maintainance. MOU for the same drafted and finalised. Signing scheduled for this month

2nd July – 1st Sr Citizen joins Saanidhaanam

5th July – Disability awareness – sensitization prog for girls Hostel Maswan

8th July - Jotirmay Amena, Deepika, Mayuri and Jaykumar visited and joined us for lunch and activities like Housie and badminton.

8th July – Maswan Girls Hostel 10 residents with their staff Charu tai and HOD Varsha Tai visited for an interactivity with Saanidhaanam residents.

9th July – Donors visit

Mr and Mrs Jurani visited with their son Yash and their family to see the services

Mr Dhru and Suchi Jain with family visited to meet the residents

July 2023

2nd July

1st Sr Citizen , Mrs Rukmani Thakar joined Saanidhaanam. She was welcomes by all residents with disabilities and staff which was followed by the cake cutting ceremony. Her room was decorated with flowers and her personal family photographs, to give her a warm welcome her into her new home.

8th July

Jyotirmay staff and students came to meet their friends who are residents of Saanidhaanam now. Amena, Deepika, Jaykumar and Mayuri with Navnath. The spent the day with us playing games like housie, badminton and left after lunch.

Maswan Girls hostel residents visited Saanidhaanam, to see the services and participate in the co curricular activities.

9th July

Our Donors Mr and Mrs Dhruv Jain visited with family. Mrs Jain and her Daughter Sudhiksha also support our services by Voluntering.

10th July

Visit to Surya dam by all Benificieries.

14th July

Guest of Dr Katariafrom the RSS team, visited to see the services and meet the residents. They expressed that the services were of high quality and the infrastructure was very well planned. They donated a walker.

15th July

Saanidhaanam celebrated the first birthday of one of its residents- Ms Sonali Dutta with balloon decorations and snacks.

16th July

Our Donors Ms Savita Valecha and Ms Khushboo Kapoor visited the interact with all residents and to also understand our requirements for vocational training material.

Prof Sudhanshu, visited with Dr Kataria to see the services and interact with the residents.

17th July

Ms Ragini and Ms Jessica from Rotary club of Mumbai Bay View visited to meet the residents. They are presently one of our biggest donors who have supported us for the generator, the Solar panel and Sonali Dutta

20th July

Ms Sangeeta JV visited National College, Bandra west to Sign the MOU with the Principal Dr Neha Jagtiani . National college interns from IT, BMM and BMS will now maintain Saanidhaanam’s Social media and Website.

22nd July

2 Sr Social Workers and 1 Nurse from the Government department visited to see the services and understand our professional/para professional requirement.

30th July

Saanidhaanam got its !st Accessible modified vehicle with support of Acred. The residents taken for a trial drive on the same day. All were excited.

31st July

The 3 directors conducted a Zoom interview with the Warden Ms Mrinal form Jalgaon

August 2023

1st Aug

Chaitri, visited with her parents Jagruti and Phulkit to see the services to help themselves plan a better future for their child.

The medial team of Professional Doctor Sapana and Nurse were appointed Mrs Pooja and took over the medical services. Blook samples were collected for at risk candidate for Sugar and CBC, beside conducting daily check for BP

Satyanarayan puja at Saanidhaanam by Mrs Sachdev and all residents

Voc activity of Rakhee making

5th Aug

Donors Mr and Mrs Sippy came over for the weekend (2 night stay) to spend time and interact with the benificiaries.

6th Aug

Mr and Mrs Bafna visited to explore the possibility of their son Joining Saanidhaanam as a resident along with Ms Evana and her daughter. Both prospective beneficiaries were with ASD

Interns from national College visited to see the services and for an orientation to disability before they commence their internship for Social media and Website

9th August

Celebration of Deepa Sachdev daughter of Co Founder Mrs Shobha Sachdev at Saanidhaanam. National College interns shot the event with a professional view to send out a mag to the target audience through for the Website and Social media

13th August

Ms Sangeeta JV participated in a webinaire organised by IFCP (Indial Families of Cerebral Palsy and spoke about the Saanidhaanam Services. The webinair was attended by 50 People which included people with Cerebral palsy, parents and professionals working in the field of Disability.

15th August

Flag hoisting – 150 Maswan High School students along with their Principle and staff joined us for the flag hoisting ceremony along with Mrs Sachin Pimple and others from the Zilla Parishad members.

18th August

Ms Mrinal joined the residents for a 4 day trial stay before joining the organisation as a Center head/ Warden. Mrinal spent time observing the services, sharing her inputs and interacting with the benificieries and staff. Ms Sangeeta JV gave her a detailed orientation on Disability and the operations of the centers. During her stay Mrinal also met with the other directors – Ms Shobha Sachdev and Mr Sumeet Kataria to clarify any doubts that she would have. She expressed that she was very happy to see the facilities and would love to take up the Job profile. She will be joining from 1st Sept 2023.

22nd August

Residents of Saanidhaanam visited the Maswan lake and Maswan Gaon Devi temple for an outing. It was an evening well spent amidst the nature – the lake, misty mountains and the green medows. After visiting the temple the residents took a stroll along the path and took some breath taking beautiful pictures in the serene, peaceful beautiful environment.

26th August

We had visitors from Suryaansh, who visited to see the center and interact with the residents.

27th August

Most of the residents proceeded to their homes to spend some quality time with their families, celebrate Onam and Raksha bandhan. The center was kept open for residents who did not wish to go home.

31st August

Services restarted after a brief Raksha bandhan/Onam break. All residents arrived before lunch time and visited the Ganesh Temple at Manor, in the evening after tea.

September 2023

1st Sept

Ms Mrinal Dighe joined as HOD/Warden at the centre and took over the services 24/7

5th Sept

Teachers day – facilitated Saanidhaanam teachers – Bharat Sir and Prachi Jadhav for their support and services since the inception of Saanidhaanam operations.

6th Sept

Janmashtami was celebrated on 6th Sept 12.00 am . All residentents stayed awake and participated with enthusiasm to welcome lord krishna. Kheer as prasaad was distributed to all.

7th Sept

Residents celebrated gokulakshtami by Rohit dressing as Krishna and breaking the handi to some toot tapping Govind songs.

Prasaad was distributed to all.

8th Sept

Ms Rani and her son Deepak Khubani (with intellectual impairment visited the center to see the services that they could avail in the near future.

9th Sept

Saanidhaanam’s Legal advisor and member of Technical Advisory Board member visited the center to spend time and interact with the residents. She also assisted our residents Mrs Thakar in preparing her WILL.

10th Sept

Mr Ayres D Souza visited the center to see the services along with his sister and brother in law. They planned to transfer their daughter Maria D Sousa from MBA foundation residential care to Saanidhaanam

15th Sept

Visit to Kelwa Beach, residents with disabilities visited the beach and enjoyed the rides and eveing snacks at the beach. It was a fun loving evening

19th Sept

Ganesh Stapana was performed at the MPH in the for 3 days and Ganapati baapa visarjan was done on the 21st Sept in the courtyard. Mr Sachin Pimple, local leader, joined in the stahpna puja along with his wife and family. Mr Kiran also participated.

The main Ganapati puja continued in the temple for all 10 days.

23rd Sept

Ms Sangeeta JV took a sensitization and awareness session with ICS pvt ltd the staff of one of the Directors of Saanidhaanam

23rd Sept

The residents participated in the Gauri visarjan procession of the Wandivili village idols which passed by Saanidhaanam road leading to the Surya river.

24th Sept

Visit by Maya Sachdev who donated 2.5 lakhs for the inverter

28th Sept

Stapna of Ambe maa Murti in the temple in memory of Chandru T Vaswani

29th Sept

Director birthday – Ms Sangeeta Jagtiani Vaswani


1st Oct

Swatch Bharat Abhiyan – All residents got involved in cleaning the surrounding areas of the residential block with great enthusiasm and also enjoyed the session. They were also oriented about the impotance of cleanliness, saving the environment by not throwing plastic waste in the sea etc.

6th Oct

Arya and Suhani daughter of Mr Abhijeet and Ms Sangeeta celebrated her birthday at the center with the residents.

6th Oct

Residents visited their Wandivali village to see the village activities, the local primary school, the local shops, well, hand pump etc. the visit ended in our staff home for a warm home made snack and tea.

The walk thru the village was not only an eye opener for the residents who are all mainly from the urban sector, but also for the villagers who had never seen a group of people with disabilities using wheel chairs on the roads of Wandivili, thus creating visibility of People with disabilities.

8th Oct

Director birthday – Mr Sumeet Kataria

9th Oct

Maria D’souza new resident joined the center

11th Oct

Coordinated with M15th s Karuna Jafreey, Head of primary school, Aditya birla Academy for their school’s academic visit.

13th Oct

Awareness and sensitization programe for Students of Ecole Modiale school for their school service project with Saanidhaanam. Mrs Sachdev conducted and interactive the session for grade 2 to 4 , thus satisfying their curious little minds with regards to dsiabiltiy. The training was facilitated by Ms Aanchal Alreja.

15th Oct to 23rd Oct 2023

Navratri was celebrated at the center. Puja was conducted by Dr Kataria, Mr Sachdev and Ms Sangeeta JV. On Ashtami, Havan was performed for the well being of Saanidhaanam and all its residents.

24th oct

On Dussera all residents were taken out for an evening snack to the restaurant Bhagat Tarachand at Manor.