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Saanidhaanam under the aegis of Sundar Jessaram Kataria foundation is a home for the physically disabled and the senior citizens at Wandivali Village, Maswan, Palghar, Maharastra, India, on a one acre land, surrounded by mountains and lush green fields, creating a scenic view.

Saanidhaanam’ is the brain child of professionals working in the field of disability for over 40 years. It aims to provide support to people with disabilities and senior citizens through a variety of services including holistic care, residential with basic medical facilities, recreation, vocational training and functional skills program. The main goal of Saanidhaanam is to change attitudes towards people with disabilities and senior citizens, to enhance their quality of life.

Saanidhaanam addresses the concerns of Senior folks and parents of People with Disabilities who wonder What after us ?" & "Who will take care of me when I am old?"

Saanidhaanam is a unique model which provides a home for people with disabilities and Sr Citizens to nurture relationships by developing a bond of love and care, in a safe and secured surrounding.

About Sundar Jessaram Kataria foundation

The mission of the foundation is to create opportunities for deserving, economically challenged women and children of India by partnering with communities, philanthropists and local charitable organizations. Such opportunities include developing and providing quality education, affordable healthcare and supporting skill development to improve the quality of life in rural India.

We believe that the world is interconnected and it is our social responsibility to help one another, particularly those who are at the bottom of the ladder. This requires innovation, creativity and an open space for people to learn and share. Our vision is to help reduce poverty and improve the quality of life in rural India one family at a time.

What Makes SJK foundation Strong

  • Volunteers: Share and Care's strength lies in the dedication of our volunteers who are professionals from diverse fields and have knowledge of local customs and issues. This helps bring innovative solutions to challenging social problems and has paved new roads with visible impact.
  • A Holistic Approach: The ultimate aim of all Share and Care projects is to make communities self-reliant in three to five years.
  • Recognition: Share and Care is one of the very few foundations in the United States recognized by the U.S. Agency for International Development.
  • Responsible Financial Management: Share and Care maintains a very low-cost volunteer operation where 92 cents of every dollar raised is invested in well-defined developmental projects for maximum yield on our investment.
  • A World of Difference: High-quality information and accountability at Share and Care drives smart decisions that create positive impact and make a world of difference where resources are limited.

Misson / Vision

  • The vision of Saanidhaanam is to address emotional, intellectual, social needs of people with disabilities and senior citizens.
  • To provide them with a residential home, companionship, care givers and medical support, thus enhancing their quality of life.
  • The goal is to reach out to the most vulnerable section of the society and help them maintain their quality of life with dignity.


To address the converns about

  • The future of people with disabilities after their parents and sr citizens when they are left alone.
  • Gripping fear of exploitation, molestation, abuse of the disabled.
  • Fear of cheating, murder and loneliness of the senior citizen
  • Very few homes available with secured facilities of training, medical and care all under one roof.
  • Unavailability of reliable trained caregivers.